I’m going to Budapest this weekend, so if anyone familar with the Hungarian capital has any suggestions, things to do, places to visit, I’d be very grateful.

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  1. Damnit, I’m envious; you get all the best jaunts. It’s too bad it had to be Budapest you’re going to this time, though, as if it had been Prague or Vienna I might have been able to offer a few suggestions. Still, I expect that there’s quite a bit of ye olde Kakanian (Kaiserlich-Königlich) architectural inheritance worth looking at, which ought to soak up a few hours.

  2. I suspect that, with the kids in tow, the “soaking up” mightn’t be all that leisurely!

  3. Dick O'Brien says:

    I believe it’s the “adult entertainment” capital of Europe…

  4. You believe correctly Dick, (certainly in terms of production of said “entertainment”) although I don’t expect that this particular aspect of Budapest will be of interest to my family!

  5. Katherine says:

    Have fun!

    Just spent the last hour reading some really old posts. And that’s just from your blog. I think i’m addicted. I spend so much time reading – especially yours, which requires some effort, that it has left me too tired to comment. Am particularly interested in your posts on libertarianism/immigration. Would be good to meet up when next over. I’m half way through a post grad political philosophy course and would quite enjoy picking your brains/stealing your best lines

    PS:To others, I am not an optimistic stalker we are related

  6. Would be good to meet up when next over


  7. Paul says:

    We’ve just had our first fall of snow of the year, so you should bring your swimming costume…
    Seriously,the outdoor thermal baths at Szechenyi are a great way to spend a Sunday morning and it’s a weird experience to be sitting outside in hot water in freezing weather, with steam rolling off your head.
    For interesting architecture try the area around Pozsonyi Utca(close to the Margit Bridge). This district survived the ravages of the war and there is an interesting mish-mash of styles-some good neighbourhood restaurants as well.
    Try some palinka if you get too cold walking.
    Have fun!

  8. Thanks for that, my son Isaac is very keen on the prospect of firing snowballs at me!

  9. Richard says:

    I went there last year for a business trip: Its a nice place, which ticks all the boxes for an ex-communist European capital. Imposing revolution scarred castle on a hill? CHECK! Giant parliament building, disproportionate to democratic tradition of the country? CHECK! Inadequate bridges across the river? CHECK! Decrepit but oddly appealing tram system? CHECK!

    In fact – I wrote it up on my Blog

  10. I am in Budapest at the moment. Give me a call on 06302939380 and we can meet for a beer.

    T o n y

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