You can put a bit of butter on the spuds there André

Abiola suggests that one can determine much of a society’s merits by its attitudes towards extranational dating:

I believe one can tell a great deal about the true nature of a society by the way its men behave upon seeing or hearing of “outsiders” (however defined) becomeing involved with “their” women: do they find it a matter of no great interest and keep going about their business, or does each and every instance of an outsider openly cavorting with female members of the in-group set the local gutter press on the trail for blood?

This put me in mind of a popular advertising campaign here in the 1980s for Kerrygold butter which featured an Irish woman bringing her French paramour home to meet the parents. Their initial suspicion gave way to an invite for dinner, in preparation of which the gallant Gallic gentleman offered “Ees zer sumsink I can elp?”

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  1. Hugh Green says:

    There’s an updated version of that where the French language teacher/assistant comes into the classroom and asks a young demoiselle for some butter, suggesting that not only does the butter go superbly on scones, but it also has its uses as a lubricant.

  2. Nice one!

    I’ve always thought that an image from a certain film (especially with its amber hue) would make a great kerrygold poster

  3. Gary says:

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