32 Tune mix

I thought I’d try something different. This one is over twice as long as the usual mixes (which means it won’t fit on one cd – sorry). The idea was to try and get a lot of different types of stuff on it. Soul, Jazz, Funk, House, Broken, Latin, Afro-beat, Disco, Balearic. It’s a bit of an epic in more ways than one. I actually recorded (or thought I recorded) it on Monday night but the file didn’t save properly to my computer (had to happen for the really long mix, didn’t it) so after abandoning the third rescue attempt, I went ahead and re-recorded the whole thing last night in the same sequence, adding in one extra track (04.).

32 Tune mix: 06-09-12thirtytwotunemix.mp3. File Size is 225.9 mb, encoded at 192kpbs, runtime is 2:44:30.

Frank McGahon: 06-09-12 Thirty-Two Tune Mix

  • 01. Montara – Bobby Hutcherson 1975
  • 02. The Star of a Story – Heatwave 1977
  • 03. People Make the World Go Round – Freddie Hubbard 1975
  • 04. Mongotee – Lonnie Liston Smith 1977
  • 05. After the Dance (Instrumental) – Marvin Gaye 1976
  • 06. (I Got) You (Re-edit) – Maze featuring Frankie Beverly 1977
  • 07. Stars in Your Eyes – Herbie Hancock 1980
  • 08. Think Twice (Re-edit) – Donald Byrd 1975
  • 09. Sound is Everything – Chico Mann 2006
  • 10. To the Full Every Minute (Yam Who? Rework) – Big Bang 2006
  • 11. Jibaro – Elkin & Nelson 1974
  • 12. Zombie Dance (Part 1) – Nostalgia 77 Octet 2006
  • 13. Moving Like A Train – Herbert 2006
  • 14. A Little Something – Diesler 2006
  • 15. Back and Forth – Franck Roger 2006
  • 16. For Real – Atjazz 2006
  • 17. The Chase – Franck Roger 2006
  • 18. Dr Doo-Wah – Kongas 1977
  • 19. Siboney – Ruppert Town 2006
  • 20. I’m in Love – Sha-Lor 1988
  • 21. Find a Way (Instrumental) – Russ Brown 1986
  • 22. Apache – The Incredible Bongo Band 1973
  • 23. The Logical Song – Loose Pigeons 1995
  • 24. African Pirates (Troubleman mix) – Nightmares on Wax 2006
  • 25. Sunshine (Daz I Kue mix) – Raul Midon 2006
  • 26. Te Queiro – Zero Db 2006
  • 27. Black Barbie (Stereotyp instrumental) – Jahcoozi 2006
  • 28. Giving It Up – Icasol 2006
  • 29. So Good Today (Domu mix) – Ben Westwood 2006
  • 30. Bada (Domu Dub) – Bakura 2005
  • 31. Let It Reign – Inner City 1991
  • 32. String Free – Phortune 1987

    1. […] Seriously Pineapple Punch is the best drink in the world – I LOVE IT. Anyway I’ve got a little mix for you, it starts a bit lift jazz fusion but its worth sticking with. The xylophones lift and it starts getting proper rare groove and then moving into some mid tempo jazz stuff and then into a little deeper house and then into some nice disco then back into some housey stuff and then it kinda goes all over the place – peep the tracklisting here. […]

    2. Hi Frank,

      Very nice playlist. Could you point me to the right direction regarding to critic DJs in nu – jazz, latin, electronic so i can introcuce my little label? If you have some time, have a look at it, I can send you something if you like. http://www.curvemusic.net



    3. Thanks Tatiana – I’d be very interested in hearing your stuff.

      As for getting some feedback from djs, you could try some of the forums I have linked at the side, The Irish Bodytonic one is quite good and has plenty of activity, there’s also Beyond Jazz and the Bugz site. You could also email or drop by the boards at Gilles Peterson or Benji B’s bbc pages.

    4. […] This is a mix I had been meaning to do for a long time: For some reason or other I have a sentimental attachment – even to the cheesy ones – of tunes I used to hear going out clubbing in London, Summer 1989. I had actually intended to record a different mix last night – another epic mix along the lines of the 32 Tune mix – but buggered up a mix about a half-hour into it so I decided to record this one – which I had more or less set out for a couple of weeks – instead and I’ll (hopefully) get to the long mix over the next few days. […]

    5. […] Frank is a dirty man. I thought the 32 tune mix he put out was ridiculous but he had to go and do it again. Mellow me down… rhythm me up… now make it funky… ok now let’s slow down again. Frank is the master blender. Take a deep listen cause he’s put a lot of flavors into this creation. “Like the 32 Tune mix, this is another double length mix, also with 32 tunes (assuming both sides of the Alice Russell 7″ count as two separate tunes) and also with a range of different type of stuff on it, but this one has less of the Soul and Balearic and a bit more of the Funk and Afro-Beat. There are one or two sketchy moments, but not bad enough to make me want to go back and re-record the whole thing again!” […]

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