A Couple of Bonus Mixes

I have two mixes I did recently that wasn’t completely happy with after recording but I thought I’d make them available anyway. The first was meant to focus on the “Broken Techno” sound and its connection to Jazz but I probably ended up with one intro track too many and left out a couple of more tracks that should have been included. I probably won’t bother redoing it so here it is on soundcloud:


  • 01. Static feat Voice – Alister Johnson
  • 02. My Love (Meitz Remix) – Sofi Hellborg
  • 03. I Dont Know Why (instrumental) – NS2 vs LEROY JONES
  • 04. Black Sun – KODE9
  • 05. Switch It – Jonny Miller
  • 06. Psych Fro – Kenny Dope
  • 07. Life On Venus – Afronaught
  • 08. Nine Eight Zero (Remix) – Jonny Miller
  • 09. Curvaceous ( Seiji’s Opaque Remix) – Titonton Duvante
  • 10. Circus World (Zed Bias vocal dub) – SPOONFACE
  • 11. The Horniest Panda – Altered Natives
  • 12. Cosmic Drive (9th (dB) remix) – 9TH DECIBEL
  • 13. Man With The Movie Camera (Domu Remix) – The Cinematic Orchestra
  • The second one is a sketch mix I did last month. It was meant to be the first part of a longer mix I just never got round to recording. There are a few good tunes on it from Domu, Recloose, Zed Bias, Atjazz etc. It starts at 130bpm, goes down to 98bpm and back up to 119 or so for most of it and there are a couple of alright segues but I just wasn’t completely happy with it so I didn’t put it up at the time. I’m just going to put up a megaupload link for it without a tracklisting:


    July 09 Mix

    Bit of a delay but here’s the latest mix. This one goes from 124bpm to 127bpm and has some funk, afrobeat, broken and house.

    July 09 Mix: 09-07-27 July 09 Mix. File Size is 102.6 mb, encoded at 192kpbs, runtime is 1:14:40

    Frank McGahon: 09-07-27 July 09 Mix

  • 01. Advice From Father (Terry Hunter Main Mix) – Terry Hunter pres. KGOSI (T’s Box)
  • 02. Don’t Joke With A Hungry Mother – Spanky Wilson & QSO V Lanu (Tru Thoughts)
  • 03. The Ganni – Karizma (R2)
  • 04. Oh Lord (Kenny Dope Remix) – Mishal Moore (Ill Friction)
  • 05. The Joy (Daz-I-Kue Mix) – Joy Jones (Future Soul)
  • 06. Move It Closer feat Misfit (Sabo & Zeb’s Arabican dub mix) – Davcar (Sol Selectas)
  • 07. Para Na Wey (The Realm Dub) – Os Malandros (Papa)
  • 08. Free (Domu Instrumental Remix) – Stephanie Mills (Expansion)
  • 09. Naked (House Dub) – Altered Natives feat Aisling Stephenson (More About Music)
  • 10. Golden – Tony Lionni (Do Right!)
  • 11. Something To Say (Souled Remix) – Kay Suzuki (Fresh Minute)
  • 12. Oh Yeah (Vocal) – Soul Renegades (Restless Soul)
  • Mirrored here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6KLPJP8S