12-01-21 First iPad Mix Pts 1 & 2

Ok, latest mix is now up, in two parts. Goes from 116 to 128bpm and then 128 to 140bpm and ranges from jazz, house, boogie to funky, breakbeat and dubstep. Mixcloud streams and download links below. All my old Megaupload links are, for obvious reasons, now kaput. I intend to go back and put up new download links for the earlier mixes when I get a chance but in the meantime anyone who wants any particular mix, contact me at frank@frankmcgahon.com and I’ll get to that one first.

Download links here: http://mir.cr/0JQ7H9Y6

Download links here: http://mir.cr/HHPBE90Z

So I did both parts all within the iPad app Djay from Algoriddim. I really like this app. It’s not quite at the level of Torq, Traktor or Serato in that there’s no beat grids or autosyncing but for an iPad app (the iPhone app is identical but with smaller control surface) it is brilliant IMO. It’s pretty good at reading bpms and you can tap in if it’s wrong and that’s the simplest way to get tempos matching. There are plus and minus buttons for nudging the tracks into sync and this works pretty well even though there’s no cueing (so long as you want stereo) so you have to listen for the beats in the actual mix. The effects included are also pretty fun to play around with it and compare favourably with Torq’s. Biggest advantage is that it’s so easy to use no matter where you are.